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Robotic mowing Grande prairie

Robotic mowing Grande prairie

Lawn mowing began before the medieval times when settled communities needed space for adequate societal activities. Previously, mowing included aggressive acts of cutting down trees and burning down bushes. This practice is still relevant in forested areas and locations with a slow-growing populace. Medieval Europe adapted the dynamic nature of mowing lawns to make it easier for guards and other security personnel to spot oncoming people and animals.

The technological revolution of the 19th century saw the invention of the first lawn mower in 1830. This device was useful in shaving turf grass on recreational areas like public parks and other ornate gardens. After the Second World War, young men settled their families into homes with lawns; this was the first American dream. Inventors came up with faster mowing solutions such as weed controlling pesticides, hose end sprayers, and rotary spreaders.

The duration from the 30s saw the rapid rise of remedies that allowed homeowners to maintain their compound at lower costs with smaller lawn mowers. 1995 changed the game for lawn maintenance with the introduction of the first robotic mower. This latest addition is a preferred option by homeowners who enjoy its increased benefits. KLon Vegetation offers Robotic Mowing Grande Prairie services to improve the appeal of your home with additional benefits.

Perks of hiring our robotic lawn mowing services

Unsupervised lawn mowing – A robotic cutter will only require minimal manual work at the beginning of the task. Our contractors set a perimeter around the designed space, so the mower rotates in the designated sizing of land.

Operating during rainy conditions

Most of these new age cutters can get messy while running in the rain. The clumped up grass will need one to man the mowing process in unfavorable weather to clean it out. Our mowers have a weather-sensing feature that eases the process. These settings allow us to offer our mowing services in all weather conditions.

Simultaneous fertilization of the lawn

Soil supplements keep the grass lusciously green and healthy.


The electric mower enhances the air by reducing the emission of gas.


Robotic Mowing Grande Prairie will not disrupt your meeting, neighbors, or sleeping children. 

Why you should trust KLon Vegetation for your mowing needs

Our contractors have the relevant certifications and licensing as viable assistants of our business. We extend the same courtesy to all our clients and staff by maintaining considerable professionalism and safety standard measures.

KLon Vegetation has worked with clients such as the government and high profile individuals within Alberta. We do not streamline our services into one societal sector; we offer residential, roadside, and industrial services the unbiased dedication.

We have worked on more significant clearing projects that reclaimed pipelines and access roads by removing weeds and removing tree stumps. We have specialized slinging equipment that gets attached to helicopters to cover more significant lands. We educate our industrial clients on the species growing in the area and the eradication method with the highest success rate. Check our online booking system to set a date with us on your lawn.

Robotic mowing Grande prairie

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