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Transitioning Your Yard: From Fall Cleanup to Snow Removal


Ah, October in Minneapolis! The trees are starting to lose their leaves, the air has that crisp bite, and there's a whisper of snow in the wind (although we’re trying to ignore that whisper for another month or so!). This month isn't just about sipping on pumpkin lattes and grabbing those cozy scarves from the back of the closet. For homeowners, it's a pivotal transition month for their lawns. Lucky for you, The Lawnsmith has got you covered from raking up those fall leaves to ensuring your driveway isn’t buried under a mountain of snow come December. So, hang onto your hats, folks! We’re diving deep into the nitty-gritty of fall cleanup and how to snatch up a sweet deal on snow removal services.


The Lawnsmith’s Ultimate Guide: Preparing Your Lawn for Fall and Winter


Ah, the joys of autumn! The crisp air, the scent of pumpkin spice, and, of course, the beautifully changing leaves. But if you're a homeowner, fall isn't just about cozy sweaters; it's also the prime time to prep your lawn for the impending frost. And let me tell you, the difference between a lush, springtime lawn and a patchy, stressed-out mess lies in these cooler months of groundwork.