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4 Reasons to Book Your Lawn Care Service Now


The health of your lawn and yard isn’t just a spring through fall issue. Your yard requires attention all year round. And it’s one of the best times of year to book your lawn care service. Why? Not only do we do more than just cut grass, but we will provide you a lawn to be proud of.

Why should you call us to book your lawn care service now?

1. Will Winter Do a Number on Your Grass? We Can Help

Our winters can be rough on residents and their grass. If you want a green, healthy lawn, it’s best to make your plans before spring. Why? We can better assess your needs when we’re able to monitor how your grass responds to the spring weather. Waiting to get a quote or book service can delay the treatment your grass needs to be healthy. Booking us now ensures that we’ll be ready to keep your lawn looking it’s best when the snow finally melts.

2. Spring Means Mulch, Do You Have a Plan?

The demand for mulch and garden maintenance skyrockets in spring. Coming up with a plan now lessens the stress and provides you with a clear plan for mulching your gardens beds, pruning, and planting.

3. Leaf Removal Lets Your Grass Breathe

As leaves rot beneath the snow, they can choke out your grass from the airflow, sunlight, and nutrients it needs. The weight of wet, rotting leaves can also prevent your grass from regrowing well. If you didn’t get to your leaf removal in fall, it’s not too late to plan for help when the weather allows or in spring. If left unchecked, leaf cover can kill your grass.

4. We Can Help Your with Your Tree and Hedge Maintenance

One benefit of wintertime is that your hedges’ and trees’ branches are easy to see. This allows us to assess which branches should be trimmed and trim them more easily. 

As you may know, trees and shrubs are dormant during winter as well. When they’re dormant they send their nutrients into their roots. This means they cope with trimming better than once spring arrives.

Give Us a Call to Book Your Lawn Care Service Before the Rush

We’re here to assist you. We want to work together to help you achieve the beautiful lawn you’ve been dreaming of. Whether you have questions about snow removal or you want to get a jumpstart on your spring lawn care, we’re ready.

Photo credit: Pixabay