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4 Steps to the Perfect Autumn Lawn


Your lawn has hopefully survived our humid and hot Minnesota summer. It's now time to prepare your lawn for the cooler, and ultimately harsh winter ahead. Late Summer to early Autumn is a busy season for your lawn but with our services, you can rest easy and know that all the hard work will be done for you.


Through the autumn months, lots of trees drop their leaves, covering your grass as well as other areas of your yard. Raking up these leaves is vital because they will otherwise block most of the sunlight your grass needs to stay healthy and are likely to cause the spread of disease as they decompose.

As soon as the first leaves start to drop, you should start raking them. If you can get there before rain or frost it will be much easier but otherwise, take time to gather up the leaves as best you can. This can be quite laborious, though, so asking The Lawnsmith to do this is certainly a good idea!


Over the summer months, kids playing, regular mowing, and foot traffic will have caused some compaction on your lawn. This is fine through the warmer months but in autumn, this needs to be dealt with to allow the grass to breathe and the soil to drain properly. Once this circulation is permitted to occur, valuable nutrients get taken down to the roots, improving the overall health of your lawn.

Aeration is quite easy to do with an aerating tool, but if you really want to maximize this process, it's definitely worth doing it properly. At The Lawnsmith, we offer an aeration service which stimulates root growth, improves nutrient availability and oxygen as well as enhances water uptake.


Like leaves, in small quantities thatch is fine, but once the autumn weather draws in, you will need to remove the vast majority to prevent the spread of disease and ensure that your grass still gets enough sunlight. Allowing thatch to remain through autumn and winter will kill the grass blades below. By the time we reach spring, you'll have a lot of repair work to do.

Our dethatching service will ensure that thick thatch layers that have built up are removed and we will also take all debris away to prevent any cross-contamination.

Lawn Repair

If your lawn has gone a bit bald or patchy during the summer months, now is a good time to overlay with grass seed to encourage new growth to begin before the frost sets in. For more severe cases, you may also need to replace some areas by patching in new turf.

With our lawn renovation service, you won’t have to worry at all and your lawn will be green and lush in no time. We use simple techniques like aeration and dethatching to improve the overall quality of your lawn and then focus in on the more damaged areas.

To find out what we can do for you, please request a free estimate.

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