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April is National Lawn Care Month


It's that time of year again. It feels like the weather is finally warming up and we're all itching to get outside and enjoy our yards. But before you start spending your weekends working on your garden, make sure you take care of one responsibility first: lawn care! Lawn care may not sound exciting, but it will ensure that your landscape continues looking great all summer long. Here are some tips for getting started with National Lawn Care Month this April!

First, get your lawn mower ready for the season. This includes checking the blade to make sure it is sharp and adjusting any settings. If you hadn't cleaned it from top to bottom in the fall, remove any mud or dried grass. Make sure it's ready to go with fresh oil and that all moving parts are well lubricated. If you're not certain how to take these tasks on, it's worth investing in a tuneup from a local lawn repair shop, as care for your lawnmower will make it last for many seasons.

Second, get ahead of weeds with cultural or chemical control options. The University of MN Extension offers a helpful list of different types of weeds and the best weed control information to help prevent them or keep them from spreading. 

Third, repair trouble spots. If you've had a pet who's been digging holes in the yard, fill them with a layer of high quality soil and grass seed. For burns on the lawn from pet waste, remove any "number twos" from the lawn and either sod or reseed those patches. Keep up with your pet this spring and summer by limiting the areas they use to eliminate themselves and by spraying down the area with water to help dilute the concentration of nitrogen.

Finally, get a start on trimming and watering right away. This is the easiest time to get in to water feature areas or sidewalks and make sure the edges are clear of weeds and crabgrass. And, as the grass begins to grow, it's time to get into a routine for cutting. Grass that is cut every week will be healthier and more attractive. Don't forget to water your lawn on a regular basis, especially during dry spells. Does this sound like more of a commitment than you have time for? We have many lawn care options to help!

As the weather gets warmer and people start getting outside, summertime lawn care can seem more daunting than it is. We're here to make it easy for you! Our professional lawn care team will help you get your yard in shape for summer. We offer free estimates and multiple services to take care of the lawn, from fertilization to mulching, to aerating.

A professional lawn service will help you get your yard in tip-top shape for summertime by mowing and trimming on a regular basis, watering when necessary, and eliminating pests with pesticides like weed killer or insecticides. Call our team at  952-937-5000 or get a free estimate!

Photo credit: CHUTTERSNAP / Unsplash