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Don’t Skip Your Winter Sidewalk Care


Winter in our parts should not be taken lightly. From icicles to blizzards, winter is a formidable part of living in the Minneapolis area. Yet it’s impossible to deny the beauty of our winter wonderland. If you’re trying to prioritize how to handle your winter maintenance, we want to urge you to not skip some simple steps that make your sidewalk and walkways winter-safe. To keep the wonderland in your winter, be sure to make your sidewalk slip-proof with salts and shoveling.

Shovel Your Sidewalk

The first step to making your property winter-ready is to shovel your sidewalk, driveway, and walkways after heavy snowfall. This simple act removes ice and snow which can make your sidewalk slick and mask any lips or raised areas that can result in slips, trips, and falls.

Why is shoveling a Minnesota must? Leaving snow can be a liability. Keeping snow off your walkways protects your family and others. Not only is clearing a path to your entry and across your yard a neighborly and hospital act, but it also allows guests to traverse your property without risk of slipping, tripping, and injury. 

So, pull out the shovel or snow blower and prepare for the next snowfall. Your delivery man will thank you.

Use Salts or Ice Melts to Prevent Slips

In addition to shoveling snow, sprinkling ice melts on your sidewalk, walkways, and driveway reduces the risk of accidents and extends the time between shoveling. Laying ice melts or salt before a storm can also reduce snow build-up to make shoveling snow an easier process. 

Even with a layer of salt on your walkway and driveway, you will still want to make note of any areas that receive abundant sunshine. These sun-soaked spots can accumulate melted snow in puddles that can freeze after the sun has passed. These tiny ice spots create a serious slip risk that is practically invisible to the naked eye.

Save Money and Time: Hire a Snow Removal and Salting Service

Cut down the risk of winter slips, spills, and hazards by hiring us to salt your driveway and walkway, sidewalk, and porch. Using a professional snow service allows you to enjoy time with your family instead of worrying about your yard. It also saves you the sweating, stress, and soreness that comes along with snow shoveling. 

Lawnsmith will clear away snow and sprinkle salt to prevent future build-up. As experts, we know exactly how much salt your walking paths need. We will also care for your walkways as we would our own. Our snow removal and add-on salting service have the added bonus of making your outdoor areas more attractive by clearing snow from your patio, porch, or other outdoor areas. 

Don’t risk a slip on your property. Hiring a professional is much more cost-effective than a lawsuit or hospital bill. Call us today while we still have availability. We book up fast as the first few weeks of winter bring snowfall.

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