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Embrace Winter in Minneapolis: The Lawnsmith's Expertise at Your Service


Winter in Minneapolis is not just a season; it's a spectacle of nature that transforms the landscape into a snowy wonderland. However, with this beauty comes the challenge of managing snow and ice around your home. The Lawnsmith is here to help residents in Minneapolis, Bloomington, Burnsville, Chanhassen, Eden Prairie, and Edina keep their homes safe and accessible during these frosty months.

Roof Raking: Safeguard Your Roof

DIY Tips:

  • Inspect Regularly: Keep an eye on snow accumulation on your roof.
  • Choose the Right Tool: Use a roof rake with a telescoping handle.
  • Be Gentle: Avoid damaging shingles while raking.

Why Call The Lawnsmith?

Doing it yourself can be risky and time-consuming. The Lawnsmith’s professional roof raking service ensures your roof is handled with care, preventing potential damage and ice dams. Learn more and request our services here.

Snow Removal: Clear and Safe Pathways

DIY Tips:

  • Act Quickly: Shovel snow soon after it falls to prevent buildup.
  • Use the Right Technique: Lift with your legs, not your back, to avoid injury.
  • Be Thorough: Clear all walkways and driveways completely.

Why Call The Lawnsmith?

Snow removal is hard work and requires a lot of time, especially after heavy snowfall. Our team can efficiently clear your property, ensuring safety and convenience. Explore our snow removal services here.

Salting: Prevent Slips and Falls

DIY Tips:

  • Pre-Treatment: Apply salt before a snowstorm to reduce ice build-up.
  • Environmentally Friendly Options: Look for eco-friendly de-icing products.
  • Store Smartly: Keep extra salt in a dry, easy-to-access place.

Why Call The Lawnsmith?

Proper salting requires knowledge of the right products and application methods to ensure effectiveness and environmental safety. Our experts provide the best salting solutions tailored to your property's needs. Find out more about our salting services here.

Trust The Lawnsmith for Winter Woes

While these tips can help homeowners manage winter challenges, The Lawnsmith's professional services offer peace of mind and save precious time. We understand the intricacies of winter maintenance in the Minneapolis area and are equipped to provide top-notch, reliable services.

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We offer free estimates to help you plan and budget your winter maintenance needs. Schedule our services and let us make your winter experience hassle-free and safe. Request a free estimate here.

At The Lawnsmith, we're more than just a service provider; we're your winter weather allies. Let us take the cold-weather burden off your shoulders, so you can enjoy the beauty of a Minneapolis winter without the worry.

Photo credit: Aaron Burden / Unsplash