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Get a Jump on the Summer Green: Book Your Lawn Care Early and Save


Winter in Minneapolis is like a frosty pause button for your lawn, especially after our recent subzero spell. But as January's chill gives way to the promise of spring, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about the lush, green lawn you dream of for summer. At The Lawnsmith, we believe it's never too early to plan for perfection. Here's why booking your lawn care now is a smart move!

1. Beat the Winter Blues with Early Planning

The sight of snow-dusted lawns might be beautiful, but beneath that icy blanket, your grass is waiting for a chance to thrive. By scheduling your lawn care now, you're setting the stage for a vibrant comeback once the snow melts. Think of it as giving your lawn a head start in the race to summer lushness.

2. Expert Care for Post-Subzero Recovery

We've just wrapped up a stretch of subzero weather, which can be tough on your grass. Our team at The Lawnsmith is skilled in rejuvenating lawns that have endured the harsh Minnesota winter. Early intervention means your lawn gets the right treatment at the right time, ensuring it recovers beautifully and is ready for summer.

3. Save Now, Smile Later

We get it, everyone loves a good deal! By booking your lawn care services with us now, you'll not only secure your spot on our spring schedule but also enjoy early bird savings. It’s our way of saying thanks for planning ahead!

4. Free Estimates: Your Lawn, Your Plan

Every lawn is unique, and so are your dreams for it. That's why we offer free estimates to tailor a plan that fits both your lawn’s needs and your budget. Whether it's regular maintenance, fertilization, overseeding, dethatching or tackling specific issues, we've got you covered.

5. Peace of Mind: It's Scheduled, It's Sorted

There’s a certain peace that comes with checking things off your to-do list. By booking your lawn care services now, you're one step ahead in your summer prep. You can relax and look forward to a beautiful, hassle-free lawn that’s all set to be the envy of your neighborhood. (And, since our beloved Vikings are not heading toward the playoffs, you’ll have a little extra free time to schedule!)

6. The Lawnsmith Advantage: Why Choose Us

Our team is passionate about lawns, and we bring years of experience and expertise in handling Minneapolis’s unique climate challenges. From post-winter recovery to summer maintenance, we offer comprehensive and effective lawn care solutions.

Your Best Lawn Awaits – Act Now!

Contact The Lawnsmith today for a free estimate and take advantage of our early booking savings. Let’s work together to turn your lawn into a summer paradise. Remember, the best time to plan for a beautiful lawn is now – and we’re here to help every step of the way!

Image credit:  micheile henderson / Unsplash.