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Is Your Lawn Ready for Fall?


The summer months are an excellent time to make the most of your lawn and lap up the sunshine. But as summer comes to an end, it’s time to look ahead to prepare your lawn for fall and the winter months ahead.

With several things to add to your to-do list, now is a great time to get started. Is your lawn ready for fall? Check out some of the following things you need to do to get your lawn fall-ready.


Aeration is important for helping your lawn to stay lush and green. It involves the perforation of soil to stimulate root growth and ensure air can circulate. Aeration also helps to enhance water uptake to keep your lawn looking fresh.


Your lawn can experience damage over the summer months, especially if it’s been in heavy use! Renovation and seeding can help your lawn recover by removing weeds, seeding and enhancing your grass growth. If needed, you can also put erosion protection in place to keep your renovated lawn in great condition.


Over time, your lawn can develop a ‘thatch,’ a layer caused by dead organic matter such as stems and runners, which can compact roots and stop them from growing. It’s also a wonderful feeding ground for garden pests! Dethatching will take care of these areas, removing the thatch and debris to help keep your lawn luscious. 

Late summer or early fall is the perfect time to tender to your lawn and get it ready for the colder months. A professional touch is the way to go to help you get the best results and make sure your lawn receives the best care. Book in your lawn treatment now with The Lawnsmith or contact us to find out more about the services we offer.

Photo Credit: Pexels