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Why Hiring a Roof Raking Service is a Sound Investment


While icicles and snow make winters in the Minneapolis area the most stunning sight to behold, they can also pose a risk to your safety and the structural integrity of your home and roof. Roof raking is a service that can prevent injuries and damage to your home. If you’ve been considering hiring a roof raking service, here’s why you should give us a call to schedule a quote today:

1. Melting Snow Causing a Flood of Issues

Snow does not stay frozen forever. As snow on your roof melts, it can form small streams of water that can turn into ice. Why does this matter? When melted snow refreezes, it expands. This means that it pushes outward from crevices and junctures of your roof and gutters. This can cause damage and create weak spots.

Refreezing snow also creates snow ice dams. This occurs when the water makes it way down the roof but freezes before running off. This leads to solid ice that acts like a shelf (or dam) causing snow and more ice to back up above and behind it. This compounds the problem of refreezing water and can cause severe damage as water finds its way beneath your shingles. 

When left untreated, snow build-up on your roof can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage from cracks and leaks. Melting snow can also cause damage to electrical cables, roof vents, eaves, and your attic.

2. Snow Can Be a Heavy Burden

Not only does snow create an issue of ice dams and refreezing damage, but as snow gathers on your roof, its weight adds up. One inch of snow weighs about a quarter of a pound per square foot when it’s still fluffy. Wet snow can weigh almost a pound-and-a-half more for each square foot it covers. This means that your roof must support a lot of weight. This weight adds up to having several vehicles parked on your roof.

This weight can take a toll on the longevity of your home’s roof, but it also can destroy the roof of your carport, garage, or shed.

3. Prevention Is Worth Its Weight in Gold

Far too many homeowners wait until there is an issue before acting. Roof raking is a proactive way to spare your roof from damage and keep your home dry and structurally sound. 

Roof raking is quick, affordable, and can save you the cost of replacing or repairing your roof, gutters, and other roof structures. 

The easiest way to proactively prevent ice damage or snow damage to your roof is to have it raked before ice dams form and the snow builds up beyond your roof’s weight limit.

Don’t Get Caught in the Cold Reality of Winter Roof Damage

If you have questions or need a quote on roof raking, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team will gladly provide you with a quote, prompt service, and peace of mind.

Photo Credit: Pexels.