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Winter Is Coming. Have You Booked Snow Care?


Did you know that we’re expecting snowfall in Minneapolis during the first week of November? Not only is that forecast less than a month away, but heavy flakes will continue to fall week after week until well after Thanksgiving.

If you don’t have a plan for snow care this year, now is the time to hire a company that will reliably and promptly remove snow, spread salt, and rake your roof. Why should you call us today to get a free estimate on this winter’s snow services?

1. You Have Better Things to Do Than Shovel Snow

Imagine a winter without dealing with your heavy snow blower, back-breaking shovel, and unmanageable bags of salt. We offer snow plowing and sidewalk shoveling, clearing your driveway and walkways after snowfalls without you lifting a finger. 

When you hire us, you can expect prompt service and thorough care. Our snow plowing service saves you time, so you can get to work or take the kids outdoors to enjoy their snow day. We offer monthly or per-plow contracts for your convenience.

2. Prevent Slips and Falls 

After removing snow from your driveway and walkways, we apply salt to your patio, porch, sidewalk, or other high traffic areas. Salting surfaces prevents slips and falls to keep your family and visitors safe. Salt not only melts ice, but prevents new ice from forming, and is an excellent add-on to our plowing services.

3. Reduce the Risks from Your Roof

Roof raking is an investment in your home and personal safety. The weight of snow takes a structural toll on your roof, causing leaks, cracks, and expensive damage. But removing massive drifts and icicles can be a dangerous job, and hundreds of homeowners are injured removing snow from their roofs each year.

Using specialized tools, we bust through ice dams and remove the burden of snow with quick and effective roof raking. Don’t risk getting hit by the dangers forming on top of your home after a storm.

4. Avoid Injuries and Accidents

Accumulated snow around your home can cause serious injury, especially if it melts and refreezes into ice. Many people get hurt after slipping on snow or skidding off their driveways while parking. Snowbanks can also impede your visibility while pulling out into traffic and blocks the sight of your kids playing in the yard from drivers. 

Regular snow removal reduces these hazards. When it comes to soft drifts and ice on your roof and driveway, don’t risk your family’s safety.

5. Don’t Get Left Out

Year after year, Minneapolis residents trust us to care for their snow services. We wish we could care for every customer that calls us, but we’re lucky to stay busy during brutal Minnesota winters. Booking services now guarantees that you get to keep toasty warm in your home when the worst weather hits. 

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Keep winter wonderful and keep your schedule free for fun activities like planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas, sitting by the fire, and making snow angels instead of trudging outdoors to move snow.

From the damage to your roof to the risk of slip, falls, and mistakes, The Lawnsmith can save you from the challenges of winter in Minnesota. Call us to book your winter snow removal services today.

Photo credit: Pexels