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Winter Maintenance Tips From The Lawnsmith


The winter season brings along with it a set of challenges for homeowners. With the snow, icy sidewalks and roofs covered in snow, it can be tricky to navigate through the season. However, being prepared is the key to making it through the winter without any trouble.

Although we have not had much snow this December, which is unusual, we guarantee the snow will be coming, and there's no time like the present to be ready for it.

Supplies to Have on Hand for Winter Maintenance

For winter care of driveways, roofs, and sidewalks, several essential items can help maintain these areas safely and effectively. Here's a list of 10 important items:

  1. Rock Salt or Ice Melt: These are essential for melting ice on driveways and sidewalks. Look for pet-friendly and eco-friendly options to minimize damage to concrete and vegetation.
  2. Snow Shovel: A sturdy snow shovel is a must-have for removing snow from driveways and sidewalks. Ergonomic designs can help reduce back strain.
  3. Roof Rake: This tool is crucial for safely removing snow from roofs, especially after heavy snowfall, to prevent damage and potential collapse.
  4. Sand or Kitty Litter: These can be used to provide traction on icy surfaces, particularly in areas where ice melt or salt cannot be used.
  5. Deicing Cable or Heat Tape: Installing these on roofs and in gutters can help prevent ice dams from forming.
  6. Snow Blower: For larger driveways or heavy snowfall, a snow blower can save time and effort.
  7. Calcium Chloride Pellets: These can be more effective than traditional rock salt in extreme cold and are less damaging to concrete and vegetation.
  8. Waterproof Boots and Gloves: Essential for staying dry and warm while working outside.
  9. Emergency Kit: Keep a kit in your car and home with items like blankets, flashlights, and a first aid kit in case of power outages or getting stranded.
  10. Professional Snow Removal Service Contacts: Having contacts for professional snow removal services, such as The Lawnsmith, can be a lifesaver in cases of extreme snowfall or when you're unable to clear the snow yourself.

Remember, the key to effective winter care is preparation and prompt action after snowfalls or freezing conditions. Regularly checking and maintaining your property throughout the winter can prevent damage and ensure safety.

Safety Tips

Finally, safety is essential during the winter season. When clearing snow, dress warmly to avoid hypothermia and frostbite. Wear boots with good traction to avoid slipping on the snow or ice. Use a ladder with stabilizers when climbing on the roof. Also, make sure your car is ready for winter by checking the battery, brakes, lights, and tires.

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Don't Sweat Winter Maintenance - Call The Lawnsmith Instead

The Lawnsmith is your go-to solution for all your winter maintenance needs. With a team of experienced professionals, we offer a comprehensive range of services including snow removal, roof raking, and salting to ensure that your home stays snow-free, safe, and navigable throughout the winter season. We understand the challenges that winter brings and are equipped with the latest tools and techniques to tackle snow accumulation effectively, preventing any potential damage to your property.

Our commitment to superior service and quality workmanship is second to none. Whether it's promptly clearing your driveway after an overnight snowfall or applying eco-friendly ice melt to your sidewalks, we handle it all while prioritizing the safety of your family and the wellness of your property. 

We also offer roof raking services to prevent roof damage due to heavy snow load, and our salting services help maintain traction on your driveways and sidewalks, reducing the risk of slips and falls. With The Lawnsmith at your service, you can enjoy the winter season without the worry of snow maintenance.

Winter maintenance is crucial for your safety and your property. By being prepared for icy sidewalks, having the right supplies and following safety tips, you can make it through winter without any trouble. If you are in the Minneapolis area, contact The Lawnsmith today to learn more about our winter services request a FREE ESTIMATE. Stay safe and warm this winter!

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