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Summer has Arrived to Minneapolis! It’s Time to Choose a Lawn Service!


This year will likely go down in history as the one that went from winter to summer in record time. It isn’t often that people in any climate can remember a blizzard and a 100-degree day taking place just over a month apart. Now that the kids are out of school, summer is officially here in full force. This season goes all too fast as it is. Do you really want to spend it mowing your lawn every week and completing yardwork? If not, consider hiring an experienced lawn service Minneapolis MN like The Lawnsmith.


Why Choose The Lawnsmith for Lawn Mowing Services?


It seems we had no spring at all in Minnesota this year. We went from a winter that dragged into late April to temperatures near 90 degrees in May. That means you have had little time to adjust from plowing snow to mowing grass. After mowing the grass a few times already this month, you may have realized that you just don’t have time for this in your schedule. If you’re thinking about hiring a lawn mowing service in Minneapolis, The Lawnsmith is here to help.