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How Snow and Ice Can Damage the Roof of Your Home


After lulling us into a false sense of security in late November and early December, winter weather is here to stay for the next several months in Minnesota. While plenty of cold days have already come our way, we have yet to see much in terms of snow and ice accumulation. However, it’s not even officially winter yet. That will come soon enough. One thing many homeowners don’t consider is how snow and ice accumulation on the roof of their home can cause significant damage. The heavier the snow and ice and the longer they sit there, the greater the potential for problems.


November is a Great Time to Fertilize Your Lawn


While we have already had several dustings of snow in Minnesota this fall season, the ground is not yet frozen. That means there’s still time to fertilize your lawn and give it the best chance to survive the upcoming winter. In fact, all lawns in cold-weather climates like ours could benefit from a late fall application of fertilizer. It’s also an ideal time to replenish soil in vegetable gardens or decorative garden beds that have seen heavy depletion due to plant growth during warm weather.