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Minneapolis Lawn Mowing Service

Caring for your lawn is an important part of home ownership. Yet it is one task that we often don't have time to complete. You can trust your lawn care to a professional Minneapolis lawn mowing service. A lawn mowing service will handle all of your lawn care needs including regular mowing.

What Services are Part of Lawn Maintenance?

Lawn maintenance may encompass a variety of services including mowing, fertilizing, edging and clean-ups in the spring and fall. It may also include gutter cleaning. You can request the services that you need to customize your lawn maintenance package.

A Minneapolis lawn mowing service is the best way to accomplish these tasks and keep your lawn looking lush and green. During the spring you should start fertilizing the lawn to prepare for new growth. The grass is dormant in the winter but will come back to life again when the weather starts to turn warm. Fertilizer will give it the boost it needs to get a good start in the season.

Once the grass starts growing again it will require regular mowing. In general, Minneapolis lawn mowing service will provide weekly lawn mowing during the growing season. If the weather becomes extremely hot in the summer your grass may not need to be mowed as often. You will be able to schedule regular mowing and if you have any special requests you can call for additional services.

What Are Special Lawn Services?

In addition to mowing and standard lawn maintenance your lawn may require special services such as dethatching, aeration, double aeration and over-seeding and lawn renovation. Thatch is made up of dead and diseased organic matter that is a brown layer between the soil and the grass. Excessive thatch will harm your lawn and will cause diseases and pests in your grass. Dethatching removes the dead layer to give your grass the room it needs to grow and thrive.

Your grass needs room for the roots to get air and water. When the soil becomes compacted the roots of the grass cannot get the water they need. If your lawn isn't as green or thick it should be it might be in need of aeration. Aeration is a process that pokes holes into the soil to allow for better grass growth. The process is something that would benefit your lawn at least once a year or more depending on how compacted your lawn becomes.

You can have a beautiful lawn when you request Minneapolis lawn mowing service. You can expect reliable and professional lawn mowing services on a regular basis according to the schedule. Our team of lawn care professionals will show up on the scheduled day to mow your lawn and handle any other lawn care that you request. The lawn will look immaculate when mowing is complete. We handle all of the lawn mowing services such as making sure that the clippings are disposed of and that the sidewalk areas are clear before we leave. Count on our team for all your lawn care needs.

Minneapolis Lawn Mowing Service

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